My “Go-To” Healthy Snack

My new snack & breakfast “go-to” when I want a quick, but healthy option!

I LOVE the smoothies. They’re perfect for early mornings before I head to work. Just add some almond milk (or the liquid of your choice) with the Revive Superfood Smoothie cup to your blender & in just 30 seconds….BAM! You’ve got a healthy and delicious breakfast on the go! These have been great for working from home lately too! It allows me to sleep in…even later than I already am without having a commute or to get dressed each morning. The overnight oats have been a hit with Seth. He likes to add regular milk instead, but all you do is add the milk, leave in the fridge overnight & grab it the next morning!

Shop all the delicious smoothies, bowls, meals, and oats here! You’ll save 65% on your first box.

My next box includes:

I’m also going to give the Mango & Kiwi Acai bowls a try! I’ll be sure to give a review of it once I’ve tasted it!

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