Say Ton Voyage to Bad Hair Days

I have been using a Beachwaver products for years now. My Beachwaver curling iron was instantly my favorite tool for my everyday hairstyles & is usually the only hair tool that I take with me on our trips. I particularly love the addition of the dual voltage Beachwaver for all of our traveling.

As a female that has always been unconfident and insecure about my abilities with hair and makeup – this tool has completely changed that for me with my hair. It is SO easy to use and helps me to have more good hair days than ever before.

I would never promote anything that I haven’t spent my own money on & 100% stand by! I recently purchased my second Beachwaver so I own both the Beachwaver S1 and S1.25. The S1 is perfect for tighter curls or a dramatic wave. The S1.25 gives me looser curls and a softer wave.

The reasons I love the products and company?

  • Easy to use – if you can press a button then you’re already a pro!
  • Flawless and consistent results
  • Faster than a standard curling wand or iron
  • Female founded and owned – I’m all for women who empower women!

If you’re interested, you can check out the Beachwaver products here. Use code TONYAWAVE for 10% off at checkout!

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