Ton Voyage…Bon Voyage

Thanks for joining me! I’m so glad you’re here!

Whew. Where to even start? If you don’t know me, My name is Tonya Hester, hence the “Ton”. I like to say I’m just a small town girl trying to see the world one suitcase at a time. I’m also a wife, a dog mom, and an accountant! I didn’t get to travel much growing up. My family was one of those that went to the same place every year. Fortunately for me, my husband – Seth, and I share a love for seeing and experiencing new places. We met in 2012 and started dating in 2013. We’ve been married almost 3 years now and I still can’t believe the life we get to live. We’re blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to all the amazing places we’ve been so far & I hope that we continue to be able to do so. We’ve been to 24 countries and 23 states together.

My goal is to share our experiences on these trips with you so that you can use what I’ve learned to enhance your own traveling + experience. I know a big help for me prior to takeoff has been researching what others have selected at our destinations so I hope I can be that person for you and help with picking where to travel, what to pack, where to eat, and even what not to do. Thanks again for being here on this adventure with me (see what I did there?) & be sure to follow the blog, my Instagram, and my Facebook for more photos, videos, & tips along the way!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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